Current Teaching

  • BIOL 111 - Principles: Organismal Biology (Fall)
  • BIOL 389 - Laboratory in Neurobiology (Winter)
  • BIOL 507 - Animal Communication (Fall - now given every year)
  • BIOL 530  - Advances in Neuroethology (Winter)

Previous Teaching

  • BIOL 205  - Biology of Organisms
  • BIOL 306  - Neural Basis of Behaviour
  • BASC 201  - Integrative Topics in Arts and Science

Neural Systems and Behavior:

Summer course at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, MA
This is an intensive eight-week laboratory and lecture course focusing on the neural basis of behavior. The course is intended for graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, and independent investigators. It provides a thorough introduction to a large variety neuroethological model systems, such as mechanosensation in leech, song production in songbirds, stomatogastric ganglion, fly flight, and others, and also introduces many of the behavioural, neurophysiological, and computational techniques used to study those systems. Both students and faculty come from all over the planet. Strongly recommended if you work in neuroethology and allied fields or if you plan to do so.

Biological Station Panguana in the Peruvian rainforest: introducing kids from the secondary school in the nearby village Lullapichis to our field research on weakly electric fish.

Last update: Feb. 12, 2013
Neural Systems & Behaviour
Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, MA