Gregory-Eaves Lab - Research


Photo: Daniel Selbie

Central to my lab’s research program is the ability to develop, scrutinize and integrate data from different sources including lake surveys, time series and field experiments. The study of natural environmental archives (esp. lake sediment records) is also a key part of my research program. Lake sediments provide crucial information on past community and ecosystem dynamics, and inform conservation efforts aimed to minimize further damage and/or restore ecosystems where possible.

Our recent and ongoing research themes include:

  1. Advancing our understanding of the structure and functioning of shallow lakes and littoral zones.
  2. Identifying and applying new approaches to infer past ecological changes from lake sediment archives.
  3. Synthesizing large paleolimnological datasets to draw general inferences of regional to global-scale dynamics and drivers.

Funding for this work is provided by:

Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada
Canada Research Chairs Program

Last update: Oct. 25, 2016