Gregory-Eaves Lab - People


Principal Investigator


Dr. Irene (Rene) Gregory-Eaves
Canada Research Chair in Freshwater Ecology and Global Change
Member of the Royal Society of Canada’s College of New Scholars, Artists and Scientists
Associate Professor, Department of Biology
Member of executive committee for the Groupe de Recherche Interuniversitaire en Limnologie (GRIL)
Member of the Quebec Centre for Biodiversity Science (QCBS)

Research Interests: Aquatic Ecology; Global Change; Paleolimnology; Eutrophication; Climate Change; Biodiversity; Lake and Watershed Management; Aquatic Conservation.


Postdoctoral Students

Katherine Griffiths
Project title: Changes in Canadian lakes over the Anthropocene
Marie-Eve Monchamp
Project title: eDNA analyses of metazoan diversity in lakes across Canada
Co-supervisor: Dr. Melania Cristescu
Marieke Beaulieu
Project title: TBA
Co-supervisors: Marc Amyot (U. Montreal) and Alex Poulain (U. Ottawa) 

Graduate Students

Joanna Gauthier
PhD Candidate
Co-supervisor: Dr. David Walsh, Concordia University
Project title: Environmental DNA preserved in lake sediments: Analyses from sockeye nursery lakes
Tara Tapics
PhD Candidate
Primary Co-supervisor: Yannick Huot, Université de Sherbrooke
Project title: Phytoplankton community succession in Lac Montjoie
Geneviève D'Avignon
PhD Candidate
Primary co-supervisor: Dr. Anthony Ricciardi, Redpath Museum
Project title: The distribution and the ecological effects of plastic fragments in freshwater ecosystems
Cindy Paquette
PhD Candidate
Primary Co-supervisor: Dr. Beatrix Beisner, UQAM
Project title: Drivers of zooplankton structure and function over large spatial and temporal scales across Canada
Paul MacKeigan
PhD Candidate
Co-supervisor: Dr. Beatrix Beisner, UQAM
Project title: Cyanobacteria distribution and dynamics across a wide range of Canadian lakes
Alexandre Baud,
PhD Candidate
Co-supervisor: Pierre Francus
Project title: Quantifying lake sedimentation rate patterns
Rebecca Garner
MSc Candidate
Primary Co-supervisor: Dr. David Walsh, Concordia University
Project title: Comparative paleogenetics of contemporary and preindustrial sediments from Canadian lakes
Jade Dormoy-Boulanger
MSc Candidate
Primary Co-supervisor: Dr. Beatrix Beisner, UQAM
Project title: Modeling of cyanobacteria communities in the Pike River and considering scenarios of climate change over the next 50 years
Candice Aulard
MSc Candidate
Primary Co-supervisor: Paul del Giorgio, UQAM
Project title: Carbon flux to lake sediments within the LakePulse network

Undergraduate Students


Former students, fellows and projects


Post-Doctoral Fellows:

Dr. Felipe Perez-Jvostov
Felipe now works for the Office of the VP at McGill in the Research and Innovation Office.

Dr. Katrine Turgeon
Katrine is now an Assistant Professor at UQO.

Dr. Alex Latzka
Alex is now doing a PDF at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Dr. Josie Iacarella
Josie is now a Research Associate, DFO (Fisheries and Oceans Canada)

Dr. Cristian Correa Guzman
Cristian is now an Adjunct Professor at Instituto de Conservación Biodiversidad y Territorio, Instituto de Ciencias Marinas y Limnológicas
Universidad Austral de Chile

Dr. Daniel Selbie
Daniel is now a limnologist with the Dept. of Fisheries and Oceans Canada at Cultus Lake, BC.

Dr. Bronwyn Keatley
McGill Tomlinson fellow awardee, co-supervised with Dr. E. Bennett. Bronwyn is now a science policy advisor with the Dept. of Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Dr. Emilie Saulnier-Talbot
FQRNT PDF awardee, co-supervised with Dr. L. Chapman. (on maternity leave 10/2009 – 06/2010). Emilie is now a consultant working with researchers at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

Dr. Guangjie Chen
Guangjie is now a full professor at the Lake Ecology and Global Change Laboratory, School of Tourism and Geography, Yunnan Normal University, Kunming, Yunnan, China

Ph.D. Students:

Dr. Amanda Winegardner
PhD Thesis: Aquatic biodiversity patterns along gradients of multiple stressors and disturbance histories: Integration of paleoecology and molecular techniques. Co-supervisor: Dr. Beatrix Beisner. Amanda is now working as Senior Policy Advisor, DFO (Fisheries and Oceans Canada)

Dr. Jesse Vermaire
PhD Thesis: Reconstructing macrophyte biomass dynamics in temperate lakes of northeastern North America using paleolimnology. Jesse did a FQRNT-funded post-doc at Carleton University with Mike Pisiaric. Jesse is now Associate Professor in the Institute of Environmental Science at Carleton University.

Dr. Zofia Taranu
PhD Thesis: Historical and contemporary drivers of cyanobacterial dynamics: regional and global perspectives. Zofia is now a Research Scientist, Environment & Climate Change Canada

M.Sc. Students:

Alex Crew - MSc thesis. Quantifying microplastic dynamics and distributions in the St Lawrence River. Alexandre is currently working as a research assistant in the Ricciardi Lab.

Michelle Gros - MSc thesis. Food web responses to winter water level drawdowns in temperate reservoirs. Michelle is currently working as a research assistant in the Gregory-Eaves Lab.

Jennifer Barrow - MSc thesis. Functional and taxonomic phytoplankton community responses to macrophyte abundance and nutrient loading in experimental ponds. Jennifer is currently teaching in Montreal schools and CEGEPs.

Leanne Elchyshyn - MSc thesis. Evaluating the impacts of damming and water level drawdowns: a paleolimnological study of long-term water quality trends in reservoirs. Leanne is currently working as an Environmental Consultant with ERM

Gabrielle Trottier - MSc thesis: Evaluating the impacts of winter drawdown on macroinvertebrate communities within the context of localized environmental conditions. Co-supervisor: Christian Nozais, UQAR. Gabrielle is now working on her PhD at Ecole Polytechnique under the supervision of Manuele Margni.

Jacob Ziegler - MSc thesis is entitled: Littoral structure as a driver of food chain length in lakes. Jacob is now doing his PhD at McGill University with Chris Solomon

Marieke Beaulieu - MSc thesis: Cyanobacteria in North America: Modelling across nutrient and temperature gradients. Co-supervisor: France Pick, Univeristy of Ottawa. Marieke is now doing her PhD at U Sherbrooke with Dr. Yannick Huot

Morgan Botrel - MSc thesis: Caractérisation du cycle et des sources d'azote dans les lacs tempérés par l'utilisation d'isotopes stables. Co-supervisor: Roxane Maranger, Université de Montréal. Morgan is now working on her PhD with Roxane Maranger, Université de Montréal

Katherine Velghe - MSc thesis: Quantifying biodiversity in aquatic ecosystems: evaluating the causes for congruent patterns across trophic levels.
Katherine Velghe is now a research technician at the GRIL - UQAM.

Marie-Helene Greffard - MSc thesis: Chironomids as indicators of environmental change in northeastern North American shallow lakes.
Marie-Helene is now doing her PhD with Pedro Peres-Neto.

Zofia Taranu - MSc thesis: Tracking changes in water quality due to catchment land-use and lake morphometry across spatial and temporal scales.
Zofia is now doing her PhD in my lab.

B.Sc. H. Students:

Alyssa Bourgeois - BScH thesis: Seasonal changes in Cultus Lake’s subfossil zooplankton assemblages: A sediment trap study
Shayne Levoy
- BScH thesis: Shifting of stable states in Eastern Townships lakes along an eutrophication gradient
Alexandra Noel - BScH thesis: Diatom community responses to multiple stressors in Lac Dauriat, Quebec
Natasha Salter - B.Sc. thesis: The effects of mining contaminants and sewage on Cladoceran communities of subarctic Quebec
Emmanuelle Chretien - BScH thesis: The effect of eutrophication on food chain length in aquatic invertebrates: a field survey. Emmenuelle is now an MSc student in Dr. Lauren Chapman's lab, Department of Biology, McGill University.
Holly Stewart - BScH thesis: Zooplankton community responses to salmonid introductions in Alpine lakes: A case study of Lone Lake.
Saskia Nowicki - BScH thesis: Regulatory factors of eutrophication in small, temperate lakes: a study of five eastern Quebec lakes on a total phosphorus gradient.
Katherine Velghe - BScH thesis: Long-term ecological dynamics in sockeye salmon nursery lakes.
Marc Richard Albert - BScH thesis: Assessing the response of Cladocera to nutrients and related ecological changes over spatial and temporal scales.
Lauren McGruthers - BScH thesis: Testing the Feasibility of Tracking an Alewife-Derived Nutrient Signal in Lakes from Coastal Maine, U.S.A.

Independent study students:

Michelle Cheng - 6 credit undergraduate project. Project title: Applying paleolimnological tools to reconstruct the environmental history: A case study from Lac des Chicots, Quebec, Canada
Jenna Dilworth - 6 credit undergraduate project & SURA awardee. Project title: Examining environmental DNA as a tool for quantifying diatoms in lake sediments
Michelle Gros - BSc 6 credit independent study. Project title: Food web responses to winter water level drawdowns in temperate reservoirs
Rachel Giles -
BSc, 9 credit independent study & McGill SURA. Project title: Zooplankton community responses to a regime change experiment
Hana Moidu
BSc 9 credit independent study 2016: The paleolimnology of Colour Lake, Axel Heiberg
Allene Kennedy - BSc 9 credit independent study 2016: Examining the effect of different preservation techniques on eDNA retrieved from sediment traps
Carolyn Duthie - BSc 6 credit independent study 2015: Diatom functional diversity across two ecoregions in the conterminous United States
Jessica Lang - BSc 3 credit independent study 2015: Quantifying the Relationship between Macroinvertebrate Biomass and Abundance in temperate Freshwaters of Northeastern North America
Laura Lyon - BSc 3 credit independent study 2015: Quantifying changes in sedimentation: The impacts of damming
Melanie Massey - Environmental and morphometric factors affecting deposition of organic material in lakes (3 credit project)
Holly Embke - The effects of varying water level drawdown on macroinvertebrate communities. 6 credit project.
Matt Moccia - Does ephippium length predict planktivory pressure in Quebec lakes? 6 credit project.
Jordanne Gray - Cell volume approximation as a measure of cyanobacteria biomass. 3 credit project.
Guillaume Pelletier – Effect of primary productivity on invertebrate food chain length in shallow lakes. 9 credit project.
Katrina Adams – A paleolimnological study of Baptiste Lake, Alberta. 6 credit project.
Amy Blaser – Water is life – a public outreach display funded by the McGill Sustainability Project. 3 credit project.
Tanya Tran – Testing paleolimnological indices of fish predation pressure. 3 credit project.
Mary Schroeder - Vegetation change and water quality. 6 credit project.
Tyler Hunt - Sediment diatom composition of Green Bay, Lake Memphremagog and the application of a transfer function to infer past environmental conditions. 6 credit project.
Claire Moore-Gibbons – A paleo-experimental test of the response of chironomids to changes in hypolimnetic oxygen: A case study from Amisk Lake, Alberta. 6 credit project.
Soren Brothers - A multi-scale analysis of factors affecting changes in lacustrine sedimentation rates. 9 credit project.
Jessica Hawryshyn - Within-lake variability in chironomid sub-fossil assemblages in southern Ontario: a multiple-core study. 3 credit

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