Lac Hertel

Fussmann Lab
Department of Biology

Research Opportunities

green dot - available Positions currently available
red dot - not available No positions currently available

Undergraduate Students

Please click on the position for a detailed description:

Graduate Students

orange dot - available with own funding Positions are available in my lab for graduate students (MSc or PhD) who apply for their own funding.

Potential students should be interested in research on population or community dynamics and/or evolutionary dynamics. Students will normally combine experimental (lab or field) and theoretical approaches. Please submit a CV and a brief statement of interest, preferably by email.

For information on the McGill Biology department's graduate studies program see:

Links to sources of funding:

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No funding currently available (June 08).

orange dot - available with own funding However, I always welcome postdocs who have their own funding.

Postdoctoral research projects are often tailored to the individual joining the lab through intensive discussions between myself and the postdoc.

Please see websites below for potential fellowships we could apply for together:

Links to sources of funding:

For Canadians and Permanent residents of Canada:

For Foreign Postdocs:

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Lab Technicians

red dot -  not available I currently do not have any funds available for a research technician.

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