Lac Hertel

Fussmann Lab
Department of Biology

Courses Taught

BIOL 206 Methods in Biology of Organisms (taught with Prof. Gonzalez, Prof. Abouheif, Prof. Chapman, Prof. Lefebvre and Prof. Lechowicz)
BIOL 305 Animal Diversity (taught with Prof. Bell, Prof. Millien and Prof. Green)
BIOL 308 Ecological Dynamics (taught with Prof. Guichard or Prof. de Mazancourt)
Ecology and Behaviour Field Course
Quantitative Biology Seminar (taught with Prof. Vogel, Prof. Guichard and others)
Limnology (taught with Prof. Gregory-Eaves)
Honours Seminar in Biology
Experimental Evolution and Ecology (taught with Profs. Bell, Gonzalez)


BIOLOGY 308 - Ecological Dynamics

BIOLOGY 331 - Ecology and Behaviour Field Course

BIOLOGY 432 - Limnology