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Tiffany A. Chin
PhD Student

Evolution of Reproductive Isolation in Daphnia

My interests lie at understanding the mechanisms behind speciation and reproductive isolation. For populations to diverge into new species, reproductive isolation must develop to prevent populations from exchanging genetic material between them. I am interested in studying the strengths of reproductive isolating barriers between two closely related species, Daphnia pulex and Daphnia pulicaria. The two species are found to be isolated by habitat and have differences in their timing of reproduction; however, not much is known about other reproductive barriers that have an impact on isolating these two species. With this understanding of reproductive isolation, I aim to examine how reproductive barriers are maintained and persist in intermediate metal contaminated environments in the Sudbury region.


  • Chin, TA, Weir, JT. (in prep). Mutation rates do not vary in latitude, body size, or geographic range size in birds. Proceedings of Royal Society B: Biological Sciences

Scholarships and Awards

  • David Stewart Memorial Fellowship, McGill University, 2013
  • Graduate Excellence Award, McGill University, 2013


  • Chin TA & Cristescu, ME (2015) Examination of the reproductive isolating barriers between Daphnia pulex and D. pulicaria. Gordon Research Conference: Speciation, March 2015, Ventura, California.
  • Chin TA & Weir JT (2013) Mutation rates do not vary with latitude, body size, and geographic range size in birds. Canadian Society for Ecology and Evolution Annual Meeting, May 13, 2013, Kelowna, British Columbia.

Contact Information
Tiffany A. Chin
BSc University of Toronto

Department of Biology
McGill University
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Montréal, Québec

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