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Lab Members

Postdoctoral Student  
Joanne Littlefair
Post-doctoral Student
Graduate Students    
Katie Millette
PhD Student
Alessandra Loria
PhD Student
Tiffany A. Chin
PhD Student
James Bull
MSc Student
Michaela Harris
MSc Student
Lab Technician    
Guang Kun Zhang
Lab Technician
Undergraduate Honors & Independent Study Students  
Isaac Eckert

Maria Tolymbek
Michelle Chen

The Cristecu Lab - Summer 2013

Research Opportunities!

We welcome inquiries from prospective graduate students and postdocs interested in pursuing research.

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Past Undergraduate Students

Kirusanthy Kaneshwaran
Ghizlane Gzili
Daniel Kapustin
Piumi Abeyanayaka
Vanessa Fulginiti
Thomas Ingalls
Rami Bahlawan
Jonathan Kaho Leung
Jasmine Kaur Chahal

Past Graduate Students

2014-2017 Guang Zhang
Detection of aquatic invasive species and biodiversity assessment in Canadian ports
2015-2016 Jullien Flynn
Large-scale mutations in Daphnia mutation accumulation lines revealed by whole genome sequencing
2013-2016 Sarah Finlayson
Transcriptional consequences of metal-induced mutations in Daphnia
2007 – 2012 Sen Xu (PhD)
Recombination and its role in genome evolution
2010 – 2012 Ianina Altshuler (MSc)
The effects of multiple stressors on Daphnia. Co-supervised with N. Yan.
2010 – 2012 James J. Vaillant (MSc)
Speciation in ancient lakes: insights from the calanoids of Sulawesi. Co-supervised with D. Haffner
2009 – 2011 Bora Demiri (MSc)
The genetics of habitat transitions in Daphnia. Co-supervised with T. Crease.
2008 – 2010 Anna Constantin (MSc)
Speciation with gene flow in the Daphnia pulex complex.
2008 – 2010 Dan Bock (MSc)
Invasion genetics of Botryllid colonial ascidians in North America.

Past Postdoctoral Fellows

2014-2016 Freddy Chain [visit website]
Environmental stress and copy-number changes
2013-2015 Emily Angharad Brown
Early detection of aquatic invaders using metabarcoding
2014-2015 Gregor Rolshausen
Metabarcoding, environmental genomics, and phylogenetic community structure
2012 – 2012 Martin Hulak
Early detection of aquatic invasive species
2009 – 2012 Aibin Zhan
Evolutionary genetics of aquatic invasions
Current position:
Professor, Research Center for Eco-Environment Sciences
Chinese Academy of Sciences
2007 – 2008 Christophe Lejeusne
Hierarchical genetic structure of invasive tunicates
Current position:
Assistant Professor, University Pierre & Marie Curie (Paris 6)
2008 – 2009 Emmanuel Egbosimba
D- and L- lactate dehydrogenases in invertebrate evolution
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The Cristescu Lab
Department of Biology
McGill University
1205 ave Docteur Penfield
Montréal, Québec

Lab: (514) 398-1622



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