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Frédéric J.J. Chain
Postdoctoral Fellow

Environmental stress and copy-number changes
I am currently a postdoc in the field of environmental genomics investigating evolutionary questions relating to genomics, conservation and speciation. I am involved in numerous genomics and transcriptomics projects analyzing polymorphisms and divergence in sticklebacks, evolution of duplicate genes inXenopus, metabarcoding data for monitoring biodiversity and detecting invasive species, and the effects of environmental stressors on mutation rates in Daphnia. A particular interest of mine is the evaluation of structural variations such as CNVs and their potential role in differentiation and environmentally associated adaptation. Further investigations include the analysis of orphan genes, sex chromosomes, introns, transposable elements and the interplay between structural variants and gene expression. I have recently co-edited a Frontiers research topic entitled Structural variations in genomes: ecological and evolutionary implications. For more please see

Flynn JM, Brown EA, Chain FJJ, MacIsaac HJ and Cristescu ME. (2015). Toward
accurate molecular identification of species in complex environmental samples: testing the performance of sequence filtering and clustering methods
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Brown EA, Chain FJJ, Crease TJ, MacIsaac HJ and Cristescu ME. (2015). Divergence thresholds and divergent biodiversity estimates: can metabarcoding reliably describe zooplankton communities? Ecology and Evolution.

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Contact Information
Frederic Chain
Postdoctoral Fellow
McGill University

Department of Biology
McGill University
1205 ave Docteur Penfield
Room N6/9
Montréal, Québec