Current Collaborators

Developmental genetic and adaptive basis of appendage diversification in Water Striders
Locke Rowe, University of Toronto, CA
Integrating Microfluidics into study the evolutionary dynamics of gene expression variation
David Juncker, McGill University, CA
Laura Nilson, McGill University, CA
EvoDevo of snails
Genes underlying Reproductive polyphenism and social evolution in ants and bees
Juergen Tautz, University of Regensberg, Germany
Peter Dearden, University of Otago, New Zealand
Christian Pirk, University of Pretoria, South Africa
Evolution and ecological factors responsible for driving evolution of gene network underlying wing polyphenism in ants
Andrew Yang, Chicago Art Institute, USA
Robert Johnson, Arizona State University, USA
Juergen Heinze, University of Regensberg, Germany
Diana Wheeler, University of Arizona, USA
Developmental genetic basis of behavioral polyethism and division of labour in ants