Neurobiology & Behaviour

Animals have evolved a diversity of behaviours critical to their survival and reproduction, including the ability to forage for food, evade predators, communicate with others, and choose mating partners. In the Neurobiology and Behavior research group we study the neural mechanisms underlying these and other behaviors, how both brain and behavior are shaped by genetics, development, experience, and phylogenetic history, and what contributes to their dysfunction in disease. We hold weekly seminars where students and faculty present data and discuss recent papers in neuroethology and systems neuroscience.

The NBB seminar series includes talks by students and faculty on the neural basis of behavior as well as journal club style discussions of recent advances in neuroethology and systems neuroscience. We also host an annual spring symposium with talks by students and faculty from both the local and international neuroscience community.


Abouheif Moon  
Chapman Ohyama  
Dent Reader  
Guigueno Sakata  
Hendricks Watt  
Hendry Woolley