Conservation, Ecology, Evolution & Behaviour

We study how incredibly diverse sets of organisms, from microorganisms to animals, make their way in the world using observation, experiments and theory. Our world-renowned research spans from mesocosms to the entire globe. The breadth enables a more complete and integrated view of biological systems, which is reflected in our undergradaute course, our graduate courses and our research. We strive to cut across traditional research areas, build upon foundational science and inform conservation and management.

We host weekly CEEB Seminars and Ecology & Evolution lunches, led by the Biology Graduate Student Associations (BGSA)


Abouheif Gregory-Eaves Pollock
Barrett Guichard Potvin
Bell Guigueno Price
Bureau Hargreaves Reader
Chapman Hendry Ricciardi
Cristescu Larsson Schoen
Fussmann Lefebvre Soper
Gonzalez Leung Sunday
Green Millien