Staff Committees: 2016 - 2017

A brief description of each departmental committee, together with the membership of each one, is given below. The Department Chair is an ex officio member of all committees, and where appropriate the Administrative Officer assumes this position. Membership of a committee is by election and the term of office is three years.
[*Chair of the committee. Number in brackets denotes years remaining in term.]

Academic Commitee
Biology Representative: TBA

Graduate Student Representatives: Suncica Avlijas and Tyler Moulton

Animal Care Committee (Biology reps):
Staff: D. Dankort
, A . Watt

Awards Committee:
Staff: E. Abouheif (3), G. Brouhard (1), P. Lasko (1), R. Reyes-Lamothe (3)
2 Vacancies - 3 year term: E. Abouheif and R. Reyes-Lamothe elected by acclamation

BGSA (Biology Graduate Students Association)

President: Logan Smith
Vice-President: Helena Barr
Secretary: Sunci Avlijas
Finance Officer: Dustin Raab
PGSS representative: Natalie Richards + 1 unfilled position

Communications Committee:
Staff: A. Hendry (Chair), D. Dankort, G. Fussmann, C. Potvin

Graduate Students: M.-R. Bradley-Gill, S. Baldwin
Undergraduate Student: Sébastien Belliveau
Non-academic staff: Carole Verdone-Smith

Curriculum Committee:
Staff: M. Cristescu (3), M. Hendricks (2), H. Zheng (2)
Non-academic staff: M. Colonna, S. Gabe, N. Nelson
2 Vacancies - 3 year term: M. Cristescu and J. Sakata elected by acclamation

Graduate Training Committee:
Staff: *F. Guichard (1), I. Gregory-Eaves (3), A. Hendry (3), S. Woolley (2), M. Zetka (3)
Non-academic staff: M. Colonna
Graduate Student: S. Baldwin
3 Vacancies - 3 year term: I. Gregory-Eaves, A. Hendry and M. Zetka elected by acclamation

Green Committee
Staff: B. Leung (2), *J. Sakata (1), F. Schöck (1)
Non-academic staff: C. Verdone-Smith
Graduate student: A. Noë
Undergraduate student: H. Ensha

Group Coordinators:
Ecology, Evolution, Behaviour, and Marine Biology: D. Schoen
Molecular Genetics and Development: P. Lasko
Neurobiology: A. Watt

Library Committee (Biology Representatives):
E. Abouheif, I. Gregory-Eaves, P. Lasko, F. Schöck

MBSU Executive Council

Post Graduate Student Society (PGSS): D. Hanson and V. Frankel

Reappointment, Promotion, and Tenure Committee:

Staff: G. Brouhard (6 month term - July 1 - Dec. 2016), L. Chapman (2), D. Dankort (1), *G. Fussmann, S. Hekimi (sabbatical leave)
1 Vacancy – 1 year term: R. Roy will replace G. Fussmann (1) year remaining
1 Vacancy – 6 month term (1 July - 31 Dec 2016): G. Brouhard to replace S. Hekimi sabbatical leave

G. Brouhard will replace Siegfried Hekimi’s Sabbatical Leave 1 July 2016 to 31 Dec 2016

Safety Committee:

Staff: M. Cristescu (1)
Non-Academic Staff: M. Colonna, C. Verdone-Smith
Graduate Student: T. Chin

Scholarships Committee:

Biology Representative: M. Cristescu

Seminar Committee:
Staff: E. Abouheif (3), A. Gonzalez (2), M. Hendricks (1), R. Reyes-Lamothe (3)
Non-Academic Staff: M. Colonna, M. Romer
Graduate Students: A. Vujin (Molecular); T. Du and T. Thurman (Organismal)
2 Vacancies – 3 year term: E. Abouheif elected by acclamation and R. Reyes-Lamothe elected

Technical Services and Space Committee:
Staff: *J. Vogel (3), R. Krahe (2), A. Watt (3)
2 Vacancies – 3 year term: J. Vogel and A. Watt elected

Undergraduate Committee:

Staff: I. Gregory-Eaves (1), N.S. Moon (3), T. Western (1)
Non-academic staff: M. Colonna, N. Nelson, S. Gabe
1 Vacancy – 3 year term: N.S. Moon elected by acclamation
1 Vacancy – 1 year term: I. Gregory-Eaves elected by acclamation to replace J. Davies sabbatical leav
I.Gregory-Eaves will replace Jonathan Davies’ Sabbatical Leave 1 Sept 2016 to 31 Aug 2017