Staff Committees: Fall 2018 - Winter 2019

Academic Commitee
Biology Representative: M. Hendricks

Animal Care Committee (Biology reps):
D. Dankort
, A . Watt

Awards Committee:
Abouheif, Lefebvre, Lasko, Reyes-Lamothe

BGSA (Biology Graduate Students Association)

President: Melissa Wong
Vice President: Michelle Gros
(please vsit the BGSA website for a complete list of representatives)

Chair's Advisory Group:
GPD - Guichard
Cell/Mol/Dev - Brouhard
CEEB - Hendry
Undergrad - Western
at-large - Vogel
Special - Larsson
Chair - Fussmann

Communications Committee:
Hendry, Sunday, Hayer

Curriculum Committee:
Dent, Hendricks, Cristescu, Gerhold

Curriculum Revision Task Force:
Western, Bell, Brouhard, Hendricks, Hargreaves, Weber, Fussmann

Graduate Training Committee:
Guichard, Moon, Leung, Zheng, Price, Dankort

Group Coordinators:
CEEB: Hendry
Molecular Genetics &Development: Brouhard
Neurobiology: Watt

Library Committee (Biology Representatives):
E. Abouheif, I. Gregory-Eaves, P. Lasko, F. Schöck

MBSU Executive Council

Reappointment, Promotion, and Tenure Committee:

Chapman, Bell, Nilson, Hekimi, Watt, Fussmann

Safety Committee:


Scholarships Committee:

Biology Representative: M. Cristescu

Seminar Committee:
Abouheif, Reader, Ohyama, Zetka

Technical Services and Space Committee:
Cristescu, Vogel, Harrison, Schoeck

Undergraduate Committee:

Western, Moon, Lefebvre