Research Centres & Field Stations

McGILL University Phytotron
Stewart Biological Sciences Building
1205 ave Docteur Penfield (South Block)
Montreal, Quebec CANADA H3A 1B1

Director: Dr. Daniel Schoen, (514) 398-6461
Manager: Mark Romer (514) 398-6471

CIAN (Cell Imaging and Analysis Network)
IQBI (Integrated Quantitative Bioscience Initiative)

Location: Life Sciences Complex
Scientific Director: Dr. Jacalyn Vogel, (514) 398-5880
Core Facility Manager: Susanne Kaitna, (514) 398-5414
IQBI: Rui Tahara, Nano-CT Specialist - Stewart Biology N3/16
Redpath Museum
859 Sherbrooke St, W
Montreal, Quebec CANADA H3A 2K6
The Gault Nature Reserve
(Mont St. Hilaire Biosphere Reserve)

422 Chemin des Moulins
Mont-Saint-Hilaire, Quebec CANADA J3G 4S6
Wilder and Helen Penfield Nature Conservancy
Limnology Research Centre
Lake Memphremagog, Quebec CANADA
Bellairs Research Institute
Holetown, St. James, Barbados
McGill Sub-Arctic Research Station
P.O. Box 790
Schefferville, Quebec CANADA GOG 2TO