Research Centres & Field Stations

Stewart Biological Sciences Building
1205 ave Docteur Penfield (South Block)
Montreal, Quebec CANADA H3A 1B1

Scientific Director:
Dr. Daniel Schoen [email]
(514) 398-6461
Phytotron Manager:
Mark Romer [email]
(514) 398-6471

The McGILL UNIVERSITY PHYTOTRON is an integrated facility designed to provide researchers with a diverse array of controlled environments for the growth of experimental plants and organisms. A total of 37 growth chambers and 10 greenhouse zones of different sizes and capabilities are available for use by researchers in the department as well as external scientists. The Phytotron occupies the two top floors of the south block of the Stewart Biological Sciences Building and has direct access to all Biology Department laboratories and support facilities. For complete details, please visit the Phytotron Website.