Research Centres & Field Stations

Limnology Research Centre
Lake Memphremagog, Quebec CANADA

Wilder and Helen Penfield Nature Conservancy:
Prof. Gregor Fussmann, Director [email]
Stewart Biology Building, W6/8a, (514) 398-1370

The Limnology Research Centre laboratory for aquatic studies is located at the Wilder and Helen Penfield Nature Conservancy on Lake Memprehmagog, 100 km southeast of Montreal. It provides dormitory housing and kitchen facilities for up to fifteen people and laboratories that are well equipped for most routine and some not so routine limnological analyses. Vehicles and power boats are available. Streams, rivers and over thirty nearby lakes and ponds offer a wide range of study sites.

The Limnology Research Centre is part of the Department. It has a staff of academic and research staff as well as affiliated academics, technicians and graduate students. The overall goals of the Centre are the description and prediction of lake function. These goals are essential for the understanding of lake ecosystems and their management. Projects range from heavy metal loading to microbial growth rates and fish yields. Much of the work is done on Lake Memphremagog and nearby lakes in eastern Quebec, as well as in the Laurentians and eastern Ontario, with the Centre's field station on Lake Memphremagog as the principal field research base.