Research Centres & Field Stations

Folkestone, St. James
BB24017 Barbados
(246) 422-2087 | Fax: (246) 422-0692 [email]

Susan Mahon, Director
For Accommodations:

of McGill University is Canada's only teaching and research facility in the tropics. It is located in Barbados, and allows access to a wide range of marine habitats, including intertidal sand and rock, coral reefs, estuaries and mangroves, algal and seagrass beds, and deep oceanic water close to shore.

Small freshwater streams and lagoons, and patches of the original pre-agricultural vegetation occur on the island's east coast. Facilities include large wet and dry labs, holding tanks, a small library, a workshop, computers with internet access, boats and vehicles, a SCUBA compressor, and standard laboratory and sampling equipment. Accommodation and meals can be provided for 30. Accommodation consists of small rooms with shared bathrooms, larger rooms with private bathrooms, two self-contained apartments, and a large 3-bedroom house. Subject to room availability, holiday guests are also welcome at Bellairs.