Academic Staff

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Emeritus Professors
*Brown, G. G.
*Bussey, A.H.
*Carroll, R.L.
*Chase, R.
*Dhindsa, R.
*Kalff, J.
*Kramer, D. L.
*Lechowicz, M.
*Mukherjee, B.
*Pollack, G.
*Poole, R.
*Roff, D.

Associate Professors
Assistant Professors
**Associate Members
**Adjunct Professors
Barrett, R.(Redpath Museum)
Clarke, H. (MUHC)
Dufort, D. (MUHC)
François, P. (Physics)
Green, D.M. (Redpath Museum)
Hastings, K. (MNI)
Hendricks, A. (McGill - Bioengineering)
Larsson, H. (Redpath Museum)
Millien, V. (Redpath Museum)
Rao, Y. (CRN)
Ricciardi, A. (Redpath Museum)
Rosenblatt, D. (MUHC)
Taketo, T. (MUHC)
van Meyel, D. (CRN)
Bellini, F. (Picchio Intl. Inc)
Davies, J. (UBC)
Guzman, H. (STRI)
Hipfner, David (IRCM)
Krahe, R. (Humboldt-University Berlin)
McMillan, W. O. (STRI)
Page, Rachel (STRI)
Torchin, M. (STRI)
Valles, H. (U of West Indies)
* Not accepting Grad students
**An Adjunct Professor participates in the teaching or research activities of the University part-time, but is primarily employed by an institution, government, industry or professional partnership. Adjunct Professors CANNOT directly supervise graduate students, but may act as co-supervisors. An Associate Member is a full-time academic whose primary appointment is in another McGill Department but is associated with this department by research, teaching or graduate supervision.