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Use of the Phytotron is on a space rental and service charge basis. User fees are adjusted to reflect the relative costs of maintaining the research equipment in each zone. The facility maintains a balanced cost recovery budget to cover maintenance, repair and upgrade of all controlled environment equipment. Phytotron user fees are subsidized through departmental and university support of Phytotron staff salaries, utilities (power & heat), and repair of major mechanical components and structures. Researchers interested in utilizing the Phytotron are required to submit a reservation form outlining the nature of the experiment to be conducted and environmental conditions required. User programs (experimental growing conditions) are developed in consultation with the Phytotron staff and activated using the central control computers. All subsequent program changes are recorded and archived permitting accurate replication of future trials. Users are responsible for all plant/organismal care during the experiment with the exception of pest control.

If you have additional questions or are interested in using the Phytotron facility,
please contact Mark Romer at: mark.romer@mcgill.ca

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