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List of Standard Supplies & Services  

The following supplies are stocked in limited quantities. Users planning large experiments should notify the staff at least 1-2 weeks in advance to assure that the necessary supplies will be on hand. 

Prices in effect May 1, 2017-April 30, 2018. Prices are subject to change without notice.


bullet Pot, Square 4" (0.6 litre) @ 0.50 /unit    
bullet Pot, Round 5" (1.12 litres) @ 0.55/unit    
bullet Pot, Round 8" (2.8 litres) @ 2.75 /unit    
bullet Pot, Round 12" (10.0 litres) @ 7.00 /unit    
bullet Saucer, No. 6 (5" pots) @ 0.70 /unit    
bullet Saucer, No. 8 (8" pots) @ 1.60 /unit    
bullet Saucer, No. 12 (12" pots) @ 2.75 /unit    
bullet Tray, Black, K1020H (perforated bottom  11" x 21") @ 1.25 /unit    
bullet Tray, White, K1020P (non-perforated bottom 11" x 21") @ 2.25 /unit    
bullet Dome, Clear Plastic (for K1020 Trays 11" x 21") @ 3.50 /unit    
bullet Users of the growth chambers are required to have saucers or non-perforated trays under all growing containers.   


bullet [A] ProMix BX/PGX (Soilless Mix) @ 8.50 /ft3    
bullet [B] Black Earth (Peat Humus) @ 3.50 /ft3    
bullet [C] Sand (Horticultural Grade) @ 7.00 /ft3    
bullet [D] Peat Moss @ 4.00 /ft3    
bullet [E] Vermiculite @ 8.50 /ft3    
bullet [F] Perlite @ 5.50 /ft3    
bullet [G] Sunshine MIx #5 (Soilless Mix) @ 10.00 /ft3    
bullet Users are required to keep track of the volumes of growing media used. Volumes may be reported as scoops, buckets, or number of pots filled & ratio of media used (example: 35 x 5"pots c/w Promix 1:1 Sand).    


bullet Labels, Plastic (5" x 5/8") - 50/pkg @ 2.50 /pkg    


bullet Gas, CO2 Bone-dry (29.5 kg cylinder) @ 50.00 /unit    
bullet Sodasorb, CO2 scrubbing medium (5 gallon pail) @ 125.00 unit    
bullet Calibration, Horiba CO2 Sensor @ 20.00 /unit    
bullet The user is responsible for covering the cost of gas purchases, scrubbing medium and the cost of calibration gases for the gas analyzers. Gas cylinders typically last 2-4 months at ambient control levels & 1-3 weeks at levels over 700 umoles/mol. The Sodasorb permits accurate and reliable CO2 control (+/-10 umole/mol) at ambient levels between 190 450 umole/mol (E15) or 350-450 umole/mol (PGW36). One bucket of Sodasorb typically provides 4-6 weeks of control.. The amount varies according to ambient exterior CO2 levels and the amount of human interaction with the interior of the chamber. CO2 sensors are calibrated at the start of each  experiment and every 4-6 months afterward.  


bullet Phytotron Staff Services Weekdays @ 25.00 /hr  (Limited availability)
bullet Phytotron staff may be engaged to design, construct and/or retrofit equipment to suit particular experimental requirements. Please note that under the Phytotron's Mandate established in October 1999 and described in the document Principles, Rights & Responsibilities, the care of experimental materials within the facility is the responsibility of the research user.  

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Last update: July 2017

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