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Growth Chamber Maintenance Protocols. Romer, M.J., C. Cooney & F.S. Scopelleti, 2000. In: Phytotronics for Agricultural Research. K.V. Prabhu & P. Chandra (Eds), National Phytotron Facility, Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi, India. 206 pp. At the McGill University Phytotron, plant growth chambers are systematically subjected to a thorough and standardized preventative maintenance program.  The program described herein was designed to verify, calibrate and standardize systems between growth chambers and permit reliable replication of experimental trials in space and time [view or download the pdf file]


Carbon Dioxide within Controlled Environments, the commonly neglected variable. Romer, M.J. 2001. In: Proceedings of the International Conference: Controlled Environments In The New Millennium, The John Innes Centre, Norwich, United Kingdom, 9th - 12th September (in press). At the McGill University Phytotron, chamber-mounted Infra-Red Gas Analysers are utilised in combination with simple scrubbers and injected CO2 gas to control and stabilise ambient CO2 levels. Typical long-term results demonstrate consistent CO2 control at a level of ± 10 umol·mol-1. A description of the materials, maintenance requirements and costs associated with routine control of this variable are presented.[view or download the pdf file]


IPM Pest Protocols, Claire Cooney 1999. The McGill University Phytotron practices IPM (integrated pest management) in its pest management program. These protocols have been developed from experience with pests encountered within the Phytotron and consultation with other phytotrons, university plant research growth facilities and IPM specialists.[IPM References] [IPM Links]


The NECRA-101 Committee on Controlled Environment Technology & Use

This international committee of CE specialists works to help scientists understand how to use controlled environment technology effectively and consistently. Visit their website and find out more!



Minimum Guidelines For Measuring And Reporting Environmental Parameters For Experiments On Plants In Growth Rooms And Chambers. International Controlled Environment Guidelines Committee. 2004 [download or view pdf]  These guidelines outline correct instrumentation, where and when to make measurements and correct units for reporting in scientific publications.


Plant Growth Chamber Handbook. Langhans, R.W. and T.W. Tibbitts (eds.). 1997. North Central Regional Res. Publ. No. 340, Iowa State Agr. & Home Econ. Expt. Stat. Rpt. No. 99, Ames. The book provides a basic understanding of environmental factors - radiation (light), temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, air movement, contaminants - and general plant responses. Included are chapters on how to control and monitor conditions, how to conduct effective research including design of experiments, conditions for different species, use of solid media and hydroponics, pest control, and growth chamber maintenance . [view pdf]


The AERGC - Association of Educational and Research Greenhouse Curators

This group unites research greenhouse managers, scientists and industry specialists and works to inform and educate its members through an active e-mail discussion group.


Light Measurement & conversion of units: 


Apogee Instruments Inc. Manufacturers of light/solar radiation sensors.


FAQ concerning Solar radiation & measurement


Converting units between footcandles & PPF (µmol m-2 s-1) 


Converting units between Lux & PPF (µmol m-2 s-1) 


Growth Chamber Manufacturers


Controlled Environments Inc. (CONVIRON) 


BioChambers Inc. (formerly Enconair)


Environmental Growth Chambers (EGC) 


Percival Scientific Inc. 


General Interest (TBA)


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