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Information for External Users  

The McGill Phytotron is available for use by scientists and researchers from outside McGill University. The primary criterion for acceptance into the facility is the submission of a scientifically sound project proposal that does not violate university or government guidelines for the safe and ethical conduct of research. 

Projects may be undertaken independently, or in conjunction with a host laboratory within the Biology department. Prospective users are invited to contact members of the department directly to arrange their sponsorship of the intended project. This sponsorship need not necessarily involve a direct scientific collaboration. The host laboratory is intended to provide access to any necessary specialized support equipment and to act as an informed source of information if any emergency situations that arise. A list of biology faculty members and their research interests can be found at: http://biology.mcgill.ca/faculty.html

The Phytotron manager may also try to arrange a host laboratory if that is necessary; he is also able to provide more detailed information on the performance specifications of equipment in the Phytotron, on recommended growing conditions for different species, and on many other aspects of the Phytotron. Please do not hesitate to seek his advice. mark.romer@mcgill.ca

For additional information concerning using the Phytotron, please consult the information pages located under the heading "Use of the Phytotron Facility"


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