DBRI: Facilities - The McGill Life Sciences Research Complex

The DBRI is located in the Stewart Biology Building at McGill University, and is an integral component of the McGill University Life Sciences Research Complex (MULSRC). In addition to its current location in Stewart, it is integrated into the complex of buildings – the McIntyre Medical Building, the Bellini Life Sciences Building and the Cancer Pavilion (as well as the Stewart) – which makes up the McGill University Life Sciences Research Complex. The DBRI includes 30 laboratories, spread over 13,000 sq ft of new research space in the Francesco Bellini Life Sciences Building as well as 27,000 sq ft in a renovated area of the Stewart Biology Building. The DBRI reflects one of five research themes for the MULRSC which includes cancer studies, genetics of complex traits, chemical biology and cell information transfer systems as well as developmental biology.

The DBRI facilities in the renovated space in the Stewart Biology Building includes: 1) high-performance microscopy for live analysis and rapid, automated imaging; 2) high-throughput robotics for genetics, genomics, and proteomics; 3) the latest data management technologies, as well as 4) new and renovated lab space and 5)  core and specialized equipment facilities. Funding for both renovations to the Stewart Biology Building, and for new equipment infrastructure was provided by the Canada Foundation for Innovation and its partners.