Dr. Monique ZETKA
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Monique Zetka received her undergraduate and doctoral degrees from the University of British Columbia in the field of Genetics.  From 1994-1999, she worked with Dr Fritz Müller at the University of Fribourg, Switzerland, where she investigated telomeric sequences and chromosome stability in C. elegans.  From 1999 to 2001, Dr Zetka worked with Dr R. Scott Hawley at the University of California, Davis, on the role of the Drosophila SMC3 homologue Cap during oogenesis. Monique Zetka joined the Department of Biology, McGill University, in 2001 as Assistant Professor and became an Associate Professor in 2007.

Research in the Zetka laboratory

Research in the Zetka lab focuses on investigating the mechanisms that regulate chromosome behaviour and structure during meiosis: how chromosomes identify and physically pair with their partner, and how this pairing leads to recombination between them.

Although many of the proteins and molecular pathways mediating meiotic recombination have been identified, the molecular mechanisms responsible for homologue recognition and the landmark changes in chromosome structure remain largely unknown. The Zetka lab uses the unique genetic, molecular and cytogenetic tools offered by the C. elegans system to identify genes mediating meiotic chromosome segregation and to study their function. In addition to isolating mutations in previously undescribed genes required for meiotic processes, work in the Zetka lab centres more specifically on the functions of the him-3 protein during meiosis, on identifying him-3 interacting proteins and on characterizing the him-3 gene family. Analyses in the Zetka lab will lead to greater understanding of the molecular basis of chromosome pairing, a classic problem in cell biology and genetics. Research in the Zetka lab is supported by NSERC and CIHR as well as the CFI.

Selected Publications

Gilchirst, E.J., O’Neil, N.J., Rose, A.M., Zetka, M.C., and Haughn, G.W. (2006) TILLING is an effective reverse genetics technique for Caenorhabiditis elegans. BMC Genomics Vol 7, 2006.

Couteau, F., and M. Zetka (2005) HTP-1 coordinates synaptonemal complex assembly with homolog alignment during meiosis in C. elegans. Genes and Development 19: 2744-2756.

Couteau, F., Nabeshima K., Villeneuve A and M. Zetka (2004) A Component of C. elegans Meiotic Chromosome Axes at the Interface of Homolog Alignment, Synapsis, Nuclear Reorganization, and Recombination. Current Biology 14(7): 585-592.

Couteau, F., Goodyer, W. and M. Zetka (2004) Finding and Keeping Your Partner During Meiosis. Cell Cycle 3(8) 1014-1016.

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