Dr. Jackie VOGEL
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Jackie Vogel received a PhD in Cell Biology from the University of Kansas, where she studied meiotic centrosome maturation in the lab of Robert Palazzo. She examined the regulation of conserved proteins required for microtubule assembly and organization in budding yeast as a NIH-NSRA and Warner Post-Doctoral Fellow in Michael Snyder’s lab at Yale University. Dr Vogel joined the Department of Biology at McGill as Assistant Professor in August 2002 and is a CIHR New Investigator. As a member of the DBRI, Dr Vogel is developing facilities for low light 6D imaging of living cells and in vivo post-translational modification (PTM) analysis. Currently, she is the coordinator of the DBRI Cell Imaging and Analysis Network (CIAN). The CIAN is one of the largest deployments of networked imaging and analysis systems of its kind in North America.

Selected Publications (for complete list of articles, please visit the Vogel Lab website)

Mui MZ, Roopchand DE, Matthew Gentry M, Hallberg R, Vogel J and Branton, PE (2010) Adenovirus Protein E4orf4 Induces Premature APCCdc20 Activation in
Saccharomyces cerevisiae by a PP2A-Dependent Mechanism. J. Virology. 84: 4798-809.

Rauch A.*, Nazarova E* and J Vogel. Analysis of microtubules in budding yeast. (2010) in Methods in Cell Biology, "Microtubules in vivo" ed. P. Tran, L. Cassemaris, invited chapter.

Ma L.1,2, J. McQueen1,2, L. Cuschieri3, J. Vogel3, and V. Measday2, (2007) Spc24 and Stu2 promote spindle integrity when DNA replication is stalled. Mole. Biol. Cell (Epub: May 16, 2007)

Vogel, J. 2007. Scalable imaging solutions and systems integration. Commissioned review for Apple Science, on-line publication (www. apple.com).

Lara Cuschieri, Rita Miller and Jackie Vogel (2006) g-Tubulin is Required For Proper Recruitment and Assembly of Kar9-Bim1 Complexes in Budding Yeast. Mole. Biol. Cell 14: 4420-4434.

Pot I.1, J Knockleby1, V Aneliunas, T. Nguyen, S Ah-Kye, G Liszt, M Snyder, P Hieter and J Vogel (2005) Spindle Checkpoint Maintenance Requires Ame1p and Okp1p. Cell Cycle 4:1448-56 [1equal contribution]

Liakopoulos D., Kusch J., Grava S., Vogel J. and Y. Barral (2003) Asymmetric loading of Kar9 onto spindle poles and microtubules ensures spindle alignment with the axis of the cell. Cell 112: 561-574.

Vogel J.M., Drapkin B., Oomen J., Beach D., Bloom K. and M. Snyder. (2001)  Phosphorylation of g-tubulin regulates microtubule organization in budding yeast. Devel. Cell 1: 621-631. For a detailed review of this manuscript see Reviews: Usui and Schiebel (2001) Mol. Cell, 8:931-2 and Job et al. (2003) Curr. Opinion Cell Biology 15:111-117

Vogel J.M. and M. Snyder. (2000) g-Tubulin of budding yeast. In: The Centrosome in Reproduction and Early Development. Curr. Topics in Devel. Biol. 49: 75-104 Academic Press, San Diego, CA

Vogel, J.M. and M. Snyder. (2000) The carboxy terminus of Tub4p is required for g-tubulin function in budding yeast. J. Cell Sci. 113: 3871-82.

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