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Paul Lasko received a Ph.D. in Biology from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he carried out a genetic saturation of the chromosomal region surrounding the Drosophila vestigial gene in the laboratory of Mary Lou Pardue. He then moved to the laboratory of Michael Ashburner, in the Department of Genetics at Cambridge University, where he cloned and did an initial characterization of vasa. Paul Lasko joined the Biology Department at McGill University in April 1990, was promoted to Associate Professor in 1996 and to Full Professor in 1999. He has served as Biology Department Chair since June 2000, and is a founding member of the DBRI. Dr Lasko was a Research Scientist of the National Cancer Institute of Canada from 1992-98, won the Young Scientist Award of the Genetics Society of Canada in 1998 and its Award of Excellence in 2004, and is a contributor to the Faculty of 1000.

Research in the Lasko laboratory

The research in Paul Lasko’s laboratory focuses on several topics. The Lasko lab has had a long standing interest in the vasa gene of Drosophila, which encodes a positive regulator of translation of gurken mRNA, and probably also of other germ-line specific mRNAs. The Lasko lab uses genetic and molecular means to identify RNA targets for Vasa, as well as Vasa partner proteins that will provide additional insight into its function.

This work has led them to investigate other translational control mechanisms that operate in the Drosophila oocyte and underlie embryonic axis establishment. For example, they are investigating the function of Bicaudal-C, a KH-domain RNA-binding protein that participates in anterior-posterior axis establishment, that also operates non-cell-autonomously in follicle cell patterning. Paul Lasko has also collaborated with Nahum Sonenberg (Department of Biochemistry and McGill Cancer Centre) and his colleagues to elucidate the role of 4EHP, a protein related to the translation initiation factor eIF4E, in Bicoid-mediated translational repression of caudal mRNA. The Lasko and Sonenberg labs have also collaborated in an investigation of the role of eIF4E binding proteins in regulating growth and in stress response.

Selected Publications (Click HERE to view all Publications)

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